Jiu Jitsu Lycan Trading Cards

Jiu Jitsu Lycan Trading Cards

Rolling in the Digital and Real World 

What Are They?

They are Trading Cards, Membership Cards, Discount Cards, Playing Cards, Entry Cards, Tickets to Giveaways and more.

These collectable cards and digital NFTs are based on an original WhiskyWolf Lycan character illustration by New York Comicbook artist Ryan Browne and individually customised by London based Designer, Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Brand Owner WhiskyWolf. 

Each numbered Lycan has it's own unique attributes - Belt Colour, Fur Colour, Gi Patches, Merchandise etc. They can be bought, collected and traded and owning one (or many) gets you benefits in the WhiskyWolf universe:

  • Discount on whiskywolf.uk
  • Discount at WhiskyWolf Event Stands + Bag Stash at Comps
  • Access to the Lycan Channels on Discord for exclusive giveaways
  • Early Access to future Lycan Releases 
  • Individual Lycans hold their own special benefits of free products
  • Bonus WildCards for owning collections of Lycans
  • Exclusive product Pre-Releases
  • Tokens in the Discord Arcade, to play and cash in for real world prizes


Different Types 

Numbered Jiu Jitsu Lycans
These individually numbered and unique Lycans form the majority of the collection and come with all the benefits and a Trading Card for 1st Holder.

Adding colour to the Lycan Dojo and extra features in the card game. These can be awarded for holding collections of Lycans and come with a Trading Card for 1st Holder.

Special Edition & Dojo Storm Lycans
Digital NFT Only & entry into the Lycan Discord Channel for Pre-Releases. 


How Do I Get One? 

The Lycans are available in a few ways:

  • Buy the NFT on OpenSea 
  • Win on the WW Discord Server's Giveaways 
  • Free with special WW Items (eg Cut The Leash Gi)
  • Gifted from a friend 


Bonus Card and Dice Game

As well as the online and retail benefits, the cards can be used in a specially designed real world Jiu-Jitsu based dice game. Play for keeps or bragging rights.

Current Game Rules are below:

Jiu Jitsu Lycan Trading Card Game

Jiu Jitsu Lycan Trading Card Game


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