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BJJ competition calendar / schedule for UK and Major tournaments in 2020.

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WhiskyWolf x Rise & Grind OCR. Rise and Grind OCR is a regular podcast discussing, complaining, raving and reviewing races, training, equipment and all things associated with Obstacle Course and Endurance Racing.  Brought to you by 6 guys deep in the OCR scene, with different backgrounds and credentials and between them a wealth of experience and a lot of fat to chew. Podcast Episodes Sponsored by WhiskyWolf and working on some OCR specific collaborations for 2020.

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Article by Micah Atkinson // micahatkinsonbjj Do you keep a training diary/journal/notebook?I have found for me it has been an incredibly useful way to help keep my training focused.I keep one where I make notes on techniques I am going to be working on or techniques I am learning and trying to remember.I keep another training journal where I record my rolling, what I am currently working on, did I manage to hit those techniques in training and what felt good or if there are any issues I feel I need to address.Finally I keep a drilling journal, what am I drilling...

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WhiskyWolf will have a Pop-Up Store at Kleos Grappling Event on Saturday 21st September (White Belt Day).  Drop in for exclusive prints, discounted products, stickers and posters.

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