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BJJ competition calendar / schedule for UK and Major tournaments in 2020.

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UFC Commentator John Gooden and WWP Coach David Lee give a breakdown of their favourite submission from this weekend's UFC. Follow them both on Instagram for more -  @johngoodenuk  //  @1davidlee This week it's Brian Kelleher's guillotine from UFC 246 View this post on Instagram A post shared by John Gooden (@johngoodenuk) on Jan 20, 2020 at 9:23am PST

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Article by Micah Atkinson // micahatkinsonbjj Do you keep a training diary/journal/notebook?I have found for me it has been an incredibly useful way to help keep my training focused.I keep one where I make notes on techniques I am going to be working on or techniques I am learning and trying to remember.I keep another training journal where I record my rolling, what I am currently working on, did I manage to hit those techniques in training and what felt good or if there are any issues I feel I need to address.Finally I keep a drilling journal, what am I drilling...

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Article by Robin Denton // The Grapple Club   Recently I have read Underland by Robert MacFarlane, in subject it is as close to grappling as grappling is to astrophysics. However, it explores a concept throughout its pages that is referred to as 'deep time'.  Deep time itself is a mind bending thought experiment, imagine being an astrophysicist and studying events so far into the past that will affect events so far into the future, that the whole of human life on earth appears as nothing but a small blip on the radar. Appearing once, then gone forever. That is deep...

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WhiskyWolf will have a Pop-Up Store at Kleos Grappling Event on Saturday 21st September (White Belt Day).  Drop in for exclusive prints, discounted products, stickers and posters.

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