Ōkami Hard Soap - Grapefruit x Orange x Coconut

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Made 30/01/22


Blocks are cut by hand, approximately 120g

Handcrafted in small batches Ōkami Wash is a plant based soap with moisturising Coconut Butter and blend of natural oils. The citrus Grapefruit and Orange oils hits with some energising refreshment; Tea Tree and Eucalyptus bring their natural cleansing and healing benefits to get you really clean and kickstart the recovery after hard training.

Containing no SLS, artificial fragrance or harmful anti-bacterial chemicals such as Triclosan, Ōkami Hard Soap gets you clean and fresh without attacking your skin's natural defences and weakening the immune system. Ōkami Wash helps to make the only thing you leave training with is a better game.

Stay Fresh

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin Base // Coconut Butter // Grapefruit Oil // Orange Oil // Tea Tree Oil // Eucalyptus Oil