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Custom Fit Mouthguard

Custom Fit Mouthguard

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Protect your smile with this exclusive WhiskyWolf gum shield from XS Guards.

Custom moulded to your teeth and mouth by dental professionals for maximum protection and comfort.

  • A self impression kit is mailed to you, including easy to follow illustrated instructions.
  • You complete the self impression and post it back to XS Guards using the pre-paid envelope (UK only).
  • From your impression, XS make your custom fit mouthguard and post back to you.

If any bridge work or fixed ortho appliances are present then an impression should only be taken by a qualified, registered dental professional.

The XSGuard Mouthguards impression kit is not suitable for children under the age of 12 due to the likelihood of numerous milk teeth still being present. We recommend that children under 16 be supervised by an adult at all times during the impression taking process.

Dental health is extremely important. We strongly recommend that any loose teeth or impending dental work be treated/completed before using the self impression kit.

If you have any concerns regarding your dental health, please contact your dentist as soon as possible!

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