Ōkami Hard Soap + Case

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Carry your Okami Soap blocks to training in a recyclable hard plastic case.

Available with Red (Coffee x Tea Tree x Mint) or Black (Grapefruit x Orange x Coconut) label blocks, plus vinyl sticker.

Containing no SLS, artificial fragrance or harmful anti-bacterial chemicals such as Triclosan, Ōkami Hard Soap gets you clean and fresh without attacking your skin's natural defences and weakening the immune system. Made for BJJ, MMA and OCR athletes and lifestylers, Ōkami Soap helps to make the only thing you leave training with is a better game.


Ingredients: Red Label: Vegan Vegetable Glycerin Base // Shea Butter // Peppermint Oil // Tea Tree Oil // Eucalyptus Oil // Lime Oil // Coffee Grounds Black Label: Vegan Organic Vegetable Glycerin Base // Coconut Butter // Orange Oil // Tea Tree Oil // Eucalyptus Oil // Rosemary Oil